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The Impact of Stress on Chronic Illness

Everyone has some stress in their lives. Avoiding it completely is impossible. Sometimes, a little stress can actually be a good thing. In fact, quick, short-term stress can help with motivation and task completion. However, if you consistently experience significant stress, it can have a negative impact on your body.

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Why Trauma Therapy is so Effective

When you have experienced trauma, whether it was a one-time situation or chronic, repeated traumatic events, it can be overwhelming and painful. You may not know how to fully process what you’ve been through, which makes it easy for the trauma to “take over” your thoughts and feelings. You may just long to feel safe again.

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Postpartum Anxiety Is Nearly as Common as Postpartum Depression, So Why the Silence?

Whether you are currently pregnant, already have children, or know someone who does, you have undoubtedly heard of postpartum depression (PPD). But have you heard of postpartum anxiety (PPA)? It’s almost as common as postpartum depression but isn’t talked about nearly as much. Both conditions present after giving birth and cause significant distress. And yet, […]

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How to Navigate Chronic Illness During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone in some way. Unfortunately, it continues to rage on. Some states are even seeing higher surges than ever before. While anyone can contract the virus, those with underlying conditions have been especially at risk from the start. If you have a chronic illness, you may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, […]

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5 Signs You’re Living With Complex PTSD

Most people understand the basics of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We often associate it with individuals who have been through a major traumatic event, such as war, a natural disaster, or even an abusive situation.

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5 Dating Tips for Those With a History of Trauma

No matter what type of trauma you’ve been through, it’s unlikely that you’ll recover from it overnight. Some people struggle with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for years. If your trauma is the result of destructive or abusive relationships, dating might feel overwhelming. Even if you want to “get out there” and meet […]

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How to Cope With the Recent Diagnosis of a Chronic Illness

Receiving a diagnosis of a chronic illness is never easy. The moment it happens, it can feel as though your life is completely turned upside down. Whether it’s diabetes, arthritis, or even certain types of cancer, it’s understandable that you’ll be dealing with various emotions all at once. That being said, there are no “right” […]

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Is It Time to Share Your Trauma History With Someone? – How to Tell

No matter how long ago you went through a traumatic experience, it isn’t always easy to talk about. That can be especially true if you’re trying to figure out when to tell a romantic partner or someone else close to you. People with a trauma history can feel everything from shame and guilt to embarrassment […]

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