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Are you being sucked down into a pit of depression?

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Maybe you’ve lost interest in the things you used to love, or perhaps you’ve been feeling irritable or just numb to the world. You may be having trouble sleeping and eating regularly, or struggling just to get out of bed in the morning. Perhaps you’re beating up on yourself for feeling this way and for not being able to overcome it on your own.

Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, you’re beginning to notice the impact of this in every facet of your life:

  • You’re struggling to stay focused and productive at work.
  • You’ve withdrawn from friends and coworkers since it takes so much energy to interact with people and you have no interest in socializing anyway.
  • Your relationship with your partner is suffering since you’re always feeling down or irritable, and you can’t remember the last time you had fun together.

Therapy for depression can help.

It may feel impossible now, but you can feel better. You can enjoy life again. You can feel engaged in your relationships and with your work. And I can help you get there.

Therapy for depression helps you do 3 things:

  1. Explore the root of the problems you’re experiencing.
  2. Identify how to improve your relationships with yourself and others.
  3. Learn the tools that will help you resolve your problems so that you can move forward.


I’ll help you through this process, tailoring each step to your unique needs and circumstances. My approach to therapy for depression comes from a place of hope: I believe people are capable of learning to handle their problems on their own, they just need some additional support sometimes.



You don’t have to live life drowning in depression.

I can help you feel differently.


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You Might Have Questions About Therapy For Depression

What are therapy sessions like?

For therapy sessions we will either meet online or in my office in Duluth, GA. In general, during therapy sessions we will talk about the issues that you are struggling with and focus on understanding both where these issues come from and ways that you can cope with your situation. We will discuss what you can do to decrease your symptoms and how you can improve your relationships. I take an active role in therapy sessions, meaning that I talk frequently and often provide feedback.

I’ve felt this way for years, is there really a chance I could feel better?

You may have been experiencing symptoms of depression for years, but if you’ve never received professional help, there is a good chance that therapy could help. Often, depression symptoms will continue until someone receives professional intervention of some kind. It is definitely worth trying therapy if it is not something you’ve tried before.

Do I have to take antidepressant medication in addition to therapy in order to get better?

There are multiple ways to treat depression, and antidepressant medication is just one of these methods. Often, therapy alone can help people get rid of their symptoms. Sometimes people benefit from a combination of therapy and antidepressant medication. Everyone is different in terms of what type of treatment works best for them, and we will work with you to create the most effective treatment plan. 

Is therapy worth the cost?

Therapy is an investment, not only of money, but also of time and energy. My guess is that you’ve tried other things to improve your life, but that these things haven’t helped. Often people have been struggling for a long time, and have lost years of their life to their symptoms. It is worth it to meet with a professional who has been helping people for many years to see how much you may be able to improve with treatment.

Looking for depression resources?  Check out National Alliance on Mental Illness, our Resources page, or take a look at some of our articles.

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